X The team 
of electronics specialists who realize coordinated services for our customers and their needs.

X Highly motivated
to combine the latest technologies in the various industries for the benefit of our customers and to create innovations and unique features for their markets

X Over 100 years of experience
around the Mirko processor controlled power electronics

X Good network 
in markets around Inductive heating and power systems for commercial kitchen as well as in the engineering industry

X Know-how
in power electronics for controlled products to 400V mains voltage variable frequency power in the range of 1 to 50 kW.

in special functions in embedded computer systems.

of the cost-optimised production to seriesstart-up through to product support and securing the complete product lifecycle
X Goal-oriented project management  
by clear specification, through careful planning and goal-oriented work, by regularly checking the intermediate results and by continuous monitoring of project progress

X Success
arises from knowledge and effective cooperation between the various specialists