X Power Electronics
  • Sinus commutated frequency inverter with up to 20 kHz.
  • Dissipation optimized inverter technology in the resonant circuit with up to 125 kHz (switching in currentless or dead-voltage state)
  • Safe activation of power semiconductors like IGBT and Mosfet
  • Switching power supplies in the various circuit topologies

Control Engineering
  • Analog or digital PID control with limitation monitoring
  • Feed forward and disturbance for minimum control deviation
  • Status controller with observer
  • Professional setting of control parameters with system identification
  • Simulation of the regulation with Matlab / Simulink

Embedded computer systems
  • Microprocessor with ATMEL ARM basing on AT91SAMICE Flash MCU
  • Digital Signal Processors TI DSP TMS320C2000 series
  • Programmable logic with VHDL on FPGAs
  • Customer-specific circuit integration with ASIC
  • Boot loader, file and web server....
  • C ++, Python, XML

  • Digital data exchange with SCI, I2C or RS232
  • Fieldbus connections with RS485, Mod- and CAN-Bus
  • Implementation of standardized communication and device profiles (CANopen)
  • High-speed and real-time - bus systems with EtherCAT
  • Wireless communication systems via RFID, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

Project management
  • to their needs coordinated requirement and specifications
  • Detailed project planning with milestones for customer needs
  • Smart product development process, adapted to cost and schedule requirements
  • Professional development with verification, reviews and project controlling
  • Manufacturing transition for optimal testing and lean production
  • Application support and project approval