ET-Thermostat ET-10 / 100 / 300 / 3000 

Contrary to conventional thermostats ET thermostats are highly precise. They can be used to control one or up to three individually controlled heating elements. ET thermostats can be configured to be used for water quenches, fryer, grills or stove. The three channel version can control up to 10 kW. Due to modern control algorithms the heating-up periods can be optimized and temperature deviations greatly reduced.

The key facts
  • Preinstalled operation modes for e.g. water quenches, fryer, grills or stove
  • Sophisticated microprocessor controls
  • Adjustable dynamic hysteresis
  • Freely adjustable temperature scale of knob
  • Switching accuracy of ±1% of measuring range
  • Several operating timers ready integrated
  • Greatly increased lifespan of mechanical switches due to solid state switching